Evolve Creative

As we were pulling material together for the New 52 launch, in this case GREEN ARROW, we sometimes had to generate artwork before everything was fully defined.

A number of years ago, I launched the “Sensational Spider-Man” title for Marvel Comics.

Check out these four Justice League covers I did for a series that was given away free in late 2011.

In addition to Doomsday, here are the original character sketches for a few other DC characters.

DC sends out a holiday card every year.

Coca-Cola commissioned me to illustrate the University of Iowa’s mascot, Herky the Hawkeye.

A convention sketch, done on a beautiful Batman cape.

This issue actually featured two stories — one of which was printed directly from the pencils.

Extant was created as one of the primary villains in ZERO HOUR.

Monarch, tyrant of a future earth, first appeared in ARMAGEDDON 2001 #2.