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Dan's new BLUE & GOLD series from DC Comics, starring Booster Gold and Blue Beetle is now on the stands! This fun romp through the DC Universe reunites DC’s real —ahem— world’s finest team as they take on invading aliens, marauding bad guys and any number of enigmatic occurrences as they stumble into one weird adventure after another. In addition, be sure to look for Dan’s artwork on a number of recent Marvel Comics covers and interior work on X-MEN LEGENDS #10!


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June 2-4 - Minneapolis Convention Center
July 19-23 - San Diego Convention Center
July 28-30 - Mohegan Sun Expo Center
September 1-3 - Austin Convention Center


As part of DC Studios bosses James Gunn and Peter Safran’s new slate, Booster Gold is coming to HBO Max! Listen in as Dan speaks to the origin of Booster and his thoughts on this SOLID GOLD announcement!

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